Bobby Orr And The Big Bad Bruins

Bobby Orr And The Big Bad Bruins - Hockey Documentary Superstar! When Bobby Orr started his rookie year with the Boston Bruins, the question was: Is this nineteen year old kid as good as they say? By the second year, players and fans were asking: Can he keep it up? By the third, the only doubt was: How long before he was acknowledged as the greatest hockey player ever? Here is the incredible, tremendously exciting story of the blond youngster from Ontario who achieved hockey immortality by the time he was twenty-two, and today adds to his amazing record each time he moves out onto the ice. Here is his story, and the story of the big bruising, uninhibited team he has helped make the most feared powerhouse in the colorful history of pro hockey


Inspirerende dokumentar om Bobby Orr og Boston Bruins.

Her er det mye historie som er verdt å analysere for diverse norske klubbdirektører:)

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